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  • Adelantex’ first class facilities, active since 2004, are designed to handle and store all kinds of perishables separately, focused on the specifications of the products. These facilities are equipped with all necessary loading and packaging devices which are needed for efficient handling of this cargo
  • The professional service we provide ensures that the product reaches its final destination in the best possible way; we are committed to continuously provide the expertise and quality which is necessary to assure the shortest processing, handling and transportation time
  • Due to easy access to the cargo-apron, Adelantex has the possibility to provide direct tarmac-transfers of perishables and transportation between stations and ground-handlers
  • This continuous cool chain management and the advanced high-quality freight infrastructure facilities of 8800 m² (temperature-controlled and separate refrigerated areas) is the solution geared to the requirements and specifications of these commodities and to the needs of importers and/or shippers