Adelantex offers import and export airfreight, originated from anywhere around the world, using
our extensive agent network to arrange contacts with your suppliers and have your shipments
picked up and air freighted to and from any destination.


  • Customs & Duties:
  • Cross Trading:
  • Bonded Warehousing:
    Authorities, Government agencies
  • Inbound Consolidations
  • Project Management:
  • Door to Door


  • air freight export service to our customers including advice on shipment methods, arrangement of bookings on scheduled passenger & freighter flights, full & split charter flights, and securing foreign import documents and services.
  • IATA and FIATA:
  • Belgian Directorate General Civil Aviation (BDGCA) list of regulated agents
  • Cross Trading
  • Global Agent Network
  • Courier or hand carry services offering door to door shipment and guaranteed 24 hour global deliveries

Air freight detailed information (PDF)
PDF AIR ULD configurations