Adelantex has an extensive experience in handling and shipping perishables worldwide. The Brussels Perishable Centre (BPC) was founded by this company leading to a complete uninterrupted cold chain possibility for perishables leaving from or arriving into Brussels Airport.

Different types of perishable goods have their own ideal temperature for transport and storage and packaging must be able to accommodate these temperatures. We provide you with detailed packing instructions so ideal transport temperatures are maintained. We are specialized in shipping any perishable good such as: Seafood , Cut flowers, Fresh fruit and Vegetables, Fresh fish , Shellfish, Lobster, Eggs for hatching, Fresh packaged meat , Fresh horse meat, Mushroom spawn , Organs and tissues for transplant , Human blood and Pharmaceuticals.

The quality of the product and the satisfaction of the client in case of perishables can be dramatically influenced by the logistical chain. On top the health of an individual consuming the product (fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk products or biological food components) can be seriously harmed if the product was not stored and transported in the ideal condition.

Adelantex guarantees quality control and supervision of the logistical chain.

We are specialized in the importation of perishable goods: forwarding fruits,vegetables, fresh fish and fresh meat is one of our main activities.