Brussels Airport has developped its Strategic Vision 2040 that is supported by a long-term development plan for the airport itself and for Belgium as a whole.

Now that airports have become the major growth engines of the economies of the 21st century, this strategic vision aims to give our country the tools to grab the massive opportunities that the next decades will bring and double the number of airport-related jobst to 120,000 by 2040.

The development of Brussels Airport will lead to more destinations for our passengers and more export and import opportunities for our businesses, allowing Belgium to continue to play its leading international role, whether on an economic, diplomatic or cultural level.

This vision of the future also and principally aims to balance the economic development of Brussels Airport with respect for the environment and the neighbouring residents of the airport, by setting up an open and structured dialogue with all the stakeholders concerned.
This balanced approach constitutes the very foundation of the Strategic Vision 2040.

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